Domain Sales Expert

Adam Dicker is the authority to go to in the industry when it comes to evaluating a domain at its true value and possibilities. Domainers order a portfolio review on a regular basis; regardless if it is a single name or a portfolio with a thousand names, Adam tells the domainer if he or she is on the right track.

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Domain Brokerage

Being a well known and respected authority in his field Adam Dicker brokers the better names for both buyers and sellers. Striving for transparency Adam is open and clear about his leads and gives a true heads up on the deal to be made. With Adam as the broker you will always get the most value for your deal.

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Domain Development

Adam Dickertruly believes that development of domain names can generate a steady flow of income and will increase the value of a domain name. His company NicheWebsites, an award-winning web design company, can help you in designing, building, marketing and exploration of your website.

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Public Speaking

Adam Dicker has given more than 5,000 talks and worked with more than 1,000 companies worldwide. His dynamic, witty and information-packed speaking style attracts crowds from all over the globe. Adam truly enjoys speaking to large audiences and likes the interaction with an international audience.

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No well known authority can go through life without writing at least one book. Adam Dicker has written an e-Book titled Buying and Selling Domain Names. For anyone interested in domain investing and how to profit from this lucrative industry, this is a must read. Matter-of-fact advice from a true industry expert period

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Mentoring and Coaching

Adam Dicker has an extensive experience coaching individuals and groups. His sessions have helped thousands of struggling entrepeneurs get on the right track to success. His no-nonsense approach skips the fluff and brings real value. Every dollar spent here will pay itself multiple times.

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Investing In Domain Names For Profit

“Are the days of profitable domain investing over? The answer is a resounding NO, you can easily make a full time income buying and selling domain names. Investing in the right domain name at the right time can give you massive returns. Whether you are a newbie in the industry or a seasoned veteran, the tips and tricks within these pages will teach you how to explode your profits step by step. Want to learn how to buy a domain for dollars and flip it within a few weeks for thousands? This book will show you exactly how it’s done, and how to do it over and over again. You will also learn the most common (and expensive!) mistakes made by beginners and how you can avoid making them. Adam Dicker has revealed his own methods and negotiating tactics that he uses on a daily basis, and now is giving you the rare opportunity to benefit from his 30+ years of experience. Don’t miss your chance to learn exactly how to invest in ‘virtual real estate’ from one of the top domain experts in the world.”

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Webcorp is focused on launching, growing, and expanding a portfolio of businesses in a variety of niches and industries. Each of our brands deliver innovative products and services to our consumers. Come see what we have to offer!

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Niche Websites is THE place to go for the design and development of your website. We build a website for every budget, and work with you closely to turn your vision into reality. At Niche Websites we build businesses, not just websites.

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DNForum is the best online community to find, buy, and sell domains. DNForum was named best online forum by “Domain Name Wire” four out of the last five years. Learn and discuss anything here with DNF members, you wont want to leave.

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Adam Dicker fills up the room with people at each of his events. Attendees all over the world travel to hear him teach how to achieve real results. His humor, no-nonsense approach, and down to earth personality keeps them coming back for more. Have him speak at your event too.

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Adam Dicker | Domain Expert | CoachAdam Dicker | Domain Expert | Coach