• Adams the Domain Conference Talks

Adams “the Domain Conference” talks

Adams "The Domain Conference" talks Adams the domain conference talks During the Domain Conference held in Fort Lauderdale Florida Adam held several talks/workshops for groups of interested domainers. These domainers varied from self proclaimed "newbies" to seasoned veterans in the domain space. We were able to record these conversations and will be uploading

  • Domain Portfolio Review Saro Solo

Domain Portfolio review Saro

Domain Portfolio Review Saro Berejikian Domain Portfolio Review Saro Berejikian The Domain Portfolio Review we did with Saro was a quite interesting one. I'm starting to see a trend in the people who are ordering these reviews. We advice people to order these reviews to get a sanity check on the strategies and lines

Adam Dicker Valencia 2015

Adam Dicker Valencia 2015 Earlier this year Adam went to Domaining Europe and besides the keynote on the first day he also did a workshop on the second day. We were able to record this on camera and until now it hasn't been released to the public. So now you to can enjoy the 40

Launching Point featuring Adam Dicker

Launching point interviews Adam Dicker Below the show notes of the interview on the podcast "Launching Point" Person before the “launching point” The Launching Point Featuring Adam Dicker A hard-working, driven, computer focused almost geek. Always set goals for himself. In a good job, had a young child with another on the way. Was

  • Adam Dicker Conscious Millionaire episode 243

Adam Dicker interview Conscious Millionaire interview 243

Adam Dicker Conscious Millionaire episode 243 JV Crum III interviews Adam Dicker I was on the Conscious Millionaire show, episode 243. Where I was interviewed by the host of the show JV Crum III. JV Crum hosts a podcast 5 days a week. The conscious millionaire is a very popular online show that

  • Adam Dicker Domain Expert

Adam Dicker interviewed on OutlierMagazine

Interview OutlierMagazine Adam Dicker Domain Expert Adam Dicker Adam Dicker was interviewed as  domain expert on Outlier Magazine which aired July 30th. Adam Talks about his history, how he started online, how he discovered to make money online and the gradual road towards becoming a Domain Expert. Expert Adam talks about his experience being

  • Lead Generation Explained

Lead Generation

Lead Generation by Adam Dicker How to generate Leads for a business A recurring theme I encounter in the various conversations and portfolio reviews I do is that domainers tend you freeze when I start talking about Lead Generation. The whole concept seems appealing to people but they kind of freeze when they

  • Jeff Csomo Domain Coaching

Domain Coaching Call Adam Dicker and Jeff Csomo

Domaining Coaching Call Jeff Csomo is on the call, only by voice because his camera was turned off.. Adam Dicker coaches a small group of domainers. These domainers from around the globe and we have had various very interesting conversations. Domain Coaching calls are usually private and although the sessions are recorded these

  • Adam Dicker, Dimitar Tashev, Rick Wedzinga Domain Coaching Session

Coaching Session Dimitar Tashev

Domain Coaching Session Dimitar Tashev Dimitar was one of the guys who took advantage of the offer  to have 4 coaching sessions for the price of two. Yesterday we had the pleasure to meet again and Dimitar had a well planned session with a couple of interesting questions. The following topics and or questions are

Promising Portfolio Review Lisette Meijer

Thursday the 25th I had the pleasure of doing a portfolio review with a newbie in the domaining business. Lisette, a domainer from the Netherlands, has been in domaining for only four months. Her portfolio of 40 names shows a good sense for business and I was impressed by her. What makes it impressive is

Domain Portfolio Review with Mark Sherwood

Friday the 12th of June we had another portfolio review. This time it was Mark Sherwood and as it turns out in the video he has an really interesting portfolio with new TLD's. A very well thought of portfolio. I would like you to enjoy and learn from this portfolio. [svpVideo v=1]


I got interviewed on today. Visit the website to listen to it or click on the play button below. My voice is in the distance because I had to phone in. Still an interesting call though.

Mike Stankovitch KWYK.COM

Not every review needs to be about hundreds of domains. Sometimes the review of a single domain is all it takes to get things rolling. Mike purchased the domain evaluation and monetizing advice  That small investment helps Mike in deciding what to do with his domain and the potential value of it.. See the short video

Portfolio review Kevin Fouhy

I was on the call with Kevin Fouhy today and we discussed his portfolio. Kevin spent somewhere between 500 and 600 USD on buying these names. Go ahead and look how the conversation went. [hdplay id=5]        

Portfolio review Sinisa Bonaca

Sinisa Bonaca A domainer from Ireland, ordered his portfolio review and he got an online review. Sinisa owns a very diverse portfolio with really interesting domain names. The learning curve everybody goes to was reflected in the names he has. Overall Sinisa was very happy with the result of the evaluation. Enjoy this video. [svpVideo v=1] I you

Portfolio Review Toni Ojala

Adam had a great portfolio review with Toni Ojala a domainer from Finland. Toni had some really good domain names in his portfolio review. The review showed that he has a good taste in hand registering domain names. You to can have your portfolio reviewed by my. Just go to our page here: port folio reviews [subscribe2]