DomainNameSales Goes on a Tear With a Hand in ALL of The Week’s 11 Biggest Domain Sales

It should be a very Merry Christmas at The domain aftermarket sales platform founded by industry legend Frank Schilling shot the lights out this past week either solely or jointly ringing up ALL of the 11 biggest sales and 16 of 20 on our weekly Top 20 Sales Chart.

Domain Backordering Can Be A Costly Mistake! Correction: My issue happened with, Dorkside's issue happened with Thread Discussed in this Video. Transcript: Good afternoon, today's video is a short and probably, sweet, but it could save you a lot of heartache and aggravation down the road. There was a thread yesterday on comment from a user

Tags: | – Targeted Traffic – Domain Conference Get to now Bill McClure at Transcript Below: Targeted Traffic Welcome to today's video. Today's video is on TargetedTraffic, the conference. It's not a paid promo. In fact nobody from Targeted Traffic even knows I'm doing this video. Traffic is not about meeting Rick Schwartz, Howard Neu, or even their lovely wives, – How to Negotiate A Domain Sale and Leave NO Money on the Table! Link to Thread: Transcript: So this next video is about negotiating. And there's a thread that's been on DNForum for a little while. It was how I negotiate a sale, from a few hundred dollars to $60,000. Everyone that's read the thread has found it very informative and very interesting. And some – Analyze your OWN Portfolio Properly – What Domains to Keep, Drop or Develop! Thread on Explaining Portfolio Management John Ferber : Transcript: Good morning. If you're like me and many other domainers, you have a large portfolio of domains. You look at it, and you don't know where to start. You don't know what you should develop, what you should keep, what you should drop, – ManageWP – The Ultimate WordPress Manager for Multiple Sites Get ManageWp Enom: Transcript: Hello again. Today, we're going to discuss another WordPress plug-in. The plug-in is called Manage WP. It's a plug-in that allows you to take all of your WordPress sites, add them to one management console and makes it easy to manage and operate all of your WordPress sites from