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Have good names but no idea how to sell them? You might be needing a Broker. Let us negotiate your sales – Adam will get you more money.

Domain Sales are a huge part of the domain industry. Domainers are constantly buying and selling domains hoping for a great profit. Many domainers often sell their names too low and get very little for their investment when the opportunity to turn a larger profit is closer than you might think.

Adam Dicker, domainer and developer of the year at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2014, is the owner and operator of, the largest domain forum on the internet has definitely experienced this more often than not.

Domainers tend to think that if they get a higher offer then what they paid for the domain and see that the domain doesn’t have much value to them personally they tend to give in at a low reasonable offer.

However, may be doing yourself a disservice because you need to remember if someone is interested in your domain name they can only come to you for that domain. There is only one of every domain and if someone wants the domain they have no choice but to negotiate with you.

There are many tricks in telling how high you may be able to negotiate a profitable sale just by the starting offer that comes in. While some research and analysis plays a key role a lot of work still does go into negotiating a sale which is why Adam Dicker decided to offer a brokering service.

You offer us your name(s) and when we see the potential of the name(s), we will come to an agreement with you. We will reach out and market the name to end users. The offers we get are presented to you as the seller. The brokerage fee is 20% of the sale. i30^cimgpsh_orig

Currently, we are accepting domains that are product related, generic term(s), one or two words, descriptive.

Currently not accepting domains with hyphens, misspellings or typos.
A broker will review your application for consideration within 48 hours.

If you are interested in this service please fill in the contact form As of As of July 1st 2015 we will be charging a brokerage fee of 5% of the reserved price upfront when accepting a domain.