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Let Adam Dicker negotiate buying your domain name – He will save you more money

adamAdam has successfully negotiated buying domain names for hundreds of individuals and companies and got those names at a better price than might be expected. According to Adam are buying and selling two sides of the same medal.
Buying a Domain Name is an important part of creating a business. A good name can make the difference between success and failure. Finding a name is only part of the equation. Acquiring that name for a good price is a matter of knowing the prices and a negotiation skills.
Adam Dicker owner and operator of, the largest domain forum on the internet has definitely experienced this more often than not.
Going after a name yourself can turn out to be an expensive experience which might or might not result in a successful purchase of the desired name. The process of negotiation in buying a name is even more sensitive than in selling a name. The name you want is unique and the seller is the only one owning that name so if you really want that specific name you have no other choice than pay the asking price or negotiate. Adam is a specialist in negotiations. Whether Buying or Selling, Adam can get you a better deal.
There are many tricks in telling how you may be able to negotiate a profitable buy by just by the starting offer that send in. While some research and analyzation plays a key role a lot of work still does go into negotiating a sale which is why Adam Dicker decided to offer a service 100% beneficial to his clients and without them costing it a cent!

Ok I’m interested now what?

Great, you are interested in having Adam negotiate for you then click on the button below to see an example how this could work out in your case. Though each negotiation has its unique perspective Adams is very confident in his negotiation powers.

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