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Let Adam Dicker negotiate your sales – He will get you more money

adamAdam has successfully negotiated sales for hundreds of owners of domain names resulting in sometimes even greater revenue than anticipated by Adam himself. This is your chance to have him work his Negotiating More Profit magic for you too.
Domain Sales is a huge part of the domain industry. Domainers are constantly buying and selling domains hoping for a great profit. Many domainers often sell their domains too low and get very little for their investment when the opportunity to turn a larger profit is closer than they think.

Domainers tend to think that if they get a higher offer than what they paid for the domain and see that the domain doesn’t not have much value to them personally they have the tendency to give in to a reasonably low offer.

However, you are maybe doing yourself a disservice because you need to remember when someone is interested in your domain name they can only come to you for that domain. There is only one of every domain and when someone wants the domain they have no choice but to negotiate with you.

There are many tricks to tell how high you may be able to negotiate a profitable sale for instance by the starting offer that comes in. While some research and analysis plays a key role a lot of work still does go into negotiating a sale which is why Adam Dicker decided to offer a service 100% beneficial to his clients for free!

Ok I’m interested now what?

1. While our business is negotiating on your behalf we need you to have an interested buyer for the domain name(s) prior to contacting us.
2. You need to cc Adam and introduce him as your business partner that handles all sales negotiations.
Though each negotiation has its unique perspective I’m confident in my negotiation powers.
Click the button below for a calculation how a case can turn out.

If you meet these criteria above and are interested in our service pleases fill out the form. Requests to find buyers on your behalf will be disregarded, we simply do not have the time.

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